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Booking information

   1、Guest booking information
Check-in Note: This hotel only accepts reservations within 4 months the Housing Service
Check-out Note: Check-out time Check-in time should be later than
Adult                  child:
   2、Basic information of people booking
Name Please enter the name, if there is any change that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible
Sex Mr. Lady  
phone Note: Please fill in the numbers. After the success of booking, you will receive a short message to confirm
Tel Note: Please enter your contact telephone number, for example :0591-88888888
Fax Note: If you need information and we will fax an order to this number
Email Note: enter a valid e-mail address in order to receive real-time confirmation
   3、Arrival information
Way to reach Note: (For example: Flight: CA983; train trips: T22; self-driving)
Services No  Yes  
Arrival time  
   4、Special requirements
Friendly Tip: Special requirements of the following options for informational purposes only hotel, does not belong to confirm the contents of the orders. You stay at the hotel, these special requirements may be fully met, may be partially met, may not be met, may also be required to pay the other will be to meet the
Special: Non-smoking Bed Twin No Elevator High-rise Low Floor
Crib   Extra bed   Adjacent  Smoking   Invoicing